1. Official Name of the Organization.

The official name in English is “Western Canada Hubei Association” while the Chinese name is “加西湖北同乡会”.

  1. Nature of the Organization.

Western Canada Hubei Association is a non-profit, non-political organization.

  1. Purpose and Goals.

The primary purpose of Western Canada Hubei Association is to promote connections and mutual aids among those who have either origins from Hubei Province of China, or close ties with Hubei and now live in the Western Canada Area. Through various social and family assistance activities, the Association wishes to strengthen the friendship, unity, cooperation, and mutual help among its members. The Association also values friendly cooperation with other community-oriented associations, societies and organizations in Canada. Additionally, the Association wishes to promote Canada-China cooperation, playing the role of a bridge between Canada and the various regions in China and providing services that foster mutual exchanges in cultures, education,

economics, sciences and technology, business and commerce.

  1. Organizational Structure.

4.1. Western Canada Hubei Association comprises members who live in the Western Canada

Area and either have origins in Hubei or once worked, attended school, and/or lived in Hubei Province, and their family members and friends. The Association’s organizational structure consists of three parts: The Board of Directors, The Executive Directors, and The Managing Directors. Every 2 years the Board of Directors appoint a President to chair the Association. The Executive Directors oversees the routine operation of the Association and organizes various Association activities.

4.2. The Executive Directors comprises of one President, four Vice Presidents, one Secretary, and one Financial Personal. Based on the actual operational needs, the Executive Directors may designate specific title of Managing Directors related to the affairs and/or activities of the Association of which they are in charge, which include:

Director of Membership processes member registration, communicates information to members, and develops new members

Director of Information administers the website of the Association to manage and update information regularly

Director of Social Networking coordinates the commercial and business activities within Canada and with China

Director of Family and Social Assistance provides mutual assistance to the member’s family when facing family and social challenges

Director of Recreation organizes, plans, and coordinates the Association’s recreational activities;

Director of Culture organizes, plans, and coordinates the Association’s culture exchange


Director of Vocational Training organizes vocational trainings based on members’ needs.

Director of Economic Development processes all economic matters among members and

developing in relating to the Association purpose and goals;

4.3. The Executive Directors are designated by the President and other Executive Directors.

Revisions to the bylaws may be discussed in Executive Directors meeting attended by more than half of the Executive Directors and endorsed by the Executive Directors with a simple majority vote as final approval.

  1. Membership.

Anyone who lives in the Western Canada Area and has an origin in Hubei or once worked, attended school, and/or lived in Hubei, and his/her family members are eligible to apply to join the Association. Under unusual circumstances, the Board of Directors may approve to admit Honorary Members by a simple majority vote of the Board.

  1. Obligations and Rights of Members.

6.1. Members have the obligations to observe the bylaws of the Association, pay membership

dues, implement resolutions of the General Assembly of Members and decisions of the Board of

Directors, protect and defend the rights and interests of the Association, and help achieve the goals

of the Association.

6.2. Members have the rights to elect and be elected to serve in the Association, participate in activities organized by the Association, and make suggestions and criticism of the Association’s activities, and terminate at will their membership in the Association.

  1. Membership Dues.

Members must pay their annual membership dues in a timely manner. Membership dues are ten ($10.00) dollars per year for each family unit.

  1. Activities.

The Association provides members a platform of mutual assistance, with providing mutual aid on assisting each other on facing their family and social challenges.

The Association organizes members to attend varies activities including recreation, reading and culture, creating opportunities for our next generations to connect with China and the Chinese culture.

The Association promotes the economic development and culture exchange between Canada and China via organizing or involving into various events and opportunities.

The Association usually holds a general assembly of members each year and organizes recreational and/or special events open for participation by all members.

  1. Operational Funds.

The Association’s operational funds come from membership dues, event participation fees assessed according to needs, and sponsorship and advertising fees raised for special events.