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Management method:
1. Some books have been purchased and included in the library, managed online, and borrowed from each other.
2. Recommended books, purchased by the township association after approval.
3. The person in charge of the township association will enter the books into the library catalogue for management.
4. Only applicable to registered members of the Association.
5. Welcome everyone to donate books.

1. 已购买了部分图书收录在图书馆里,网上管理,相互借阅。
2. 推荐书籍,同乡会批准后购买。
3. 同乡会负责人将书籍录入图书馆目录以便管理。
4. 只适用于同乡会登记在册会员。
5. 欢迎大家捐赠图书。